"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."  Joshua 24:15

Range Rules


 All firearms must be ​cased and unloaded when entering the store or range. 

Concealed carry firearms must be unloaded in the safe zone prior to entering the range if they are to be fired.

All persons using the firing range must successfully complete the range safety briefing.

No tracer, armor piercing, steel core ammunition or buckshot is allowed. (All ammunition in rifle magazines will be inspected.)

Maximum rifle 30 caliber.

All center fire rifles must be shot at maximum distance.

All center fire ammunition must be jacketed except 22 caliber rim fire

Children must be at least 10 years old to shoot firearms.

Children under the age of 14 must be assisted at all times by a parents or Range Safety Officer.

All persons using the firing range must sign a waiver and the range safety rules.

Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting.

Always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction. (Treat all firearms as if they are loaded.)

Keep finger off trigger until you are ready to shoot.

Keep your firearm unloaded until you are ready to shoot.

Be sure your firearm is in good working order.

Be sure you use the correct ammunition in your firearm.

Dry firing is allowed on the firing line only.

Keep all firearms pointed down range at all times while on the range.

No drawing from a holster.

Only one firearm on the bench at a time.

Do not pass loaded firearms from one booth to another.

If a jam or other malfunction occurs and you cannot clear the problem, leave the firearm on the shooting bench and ask a Range Safety Officer to help.  Do not leave the firing line with a loaded or jammed firearm.

Report any negligent discharges or damage to equipment immediately.

If a cease fire is called, unload your firearm with the cylinder or slide open.

Never move from the shooting line unless the cease fire or dead range is called.

Eye and ear protection is mandatory before entering the range.

Use only authorized firearms on the range.

Do not cross fire at targets on other lanes.

No drinking or eating on the firing line.

Anyone ​acting in a unsafe manor will be escorted from the range by management .

​Grand Rivers Shooting Range reserves the right to refuse use of range or service to any person for any reason.