​​​​​​​1.Safety Is our First Priority !!

​2. Each Shooter Must Have FUN !!

​3.Safety , Safety, Safety !!


All range rules must be followed at all times while on range property.
All firearms must be checked in and flagged at the safety table before entering the range. A GRSR officer will provide a flag for each firearm. Flags must remain in all firearms while on the range property unless on the firing line preparing to fire. Firearms must then be secured in a holster, bag, case, etc. until on the firing line.
Any handling of firearms not on the firing line MUST be done at the safety table with a GRSR officer present.  No exceptions to this rule or the violator will be removed from the range property. 
The four (4) cardinal firearm safety rules must be adhered to at all times or violators will be removed from range property!!!!!

Registration will open one (1) hour before the shooters meeting and remain open until the end of the match.   

Shooters Meeting:
Prior to each GRSR Metal Madness match, a shooters meeting will be held to outline rules for the match. This initial shooters meeting is not mandatory, however, when a shooter arrives and is having his/her firearm flagged, they must receive a rule briefing from a GRSR officer –
No Exceptions!!
Upcoming shooters will be called to the designated staging area prior to their turn to shoot. If a shooter is unable or is not ready to shoot, the next shooter on the list will be called to stage. The shooter unable to stage will be moved to the end of the list.

Shooters on the Firing Line:
The Range Officer’s commands must be followed at all times while on the firing line. When the Range Officer gives the command to “make your firearm ready,”
ONLY THEN will the safety flag be removed and the firearm loaded. The firearm’s safety must be in the safe position and the muzzle of the firearm lowered to touch the table of the lane to be fired. This indicates that the shooter is ready to begin. The command to “standby” will then be given. At this time the shooter may move the safety to the fire position in preparation for the timer sound which indicates that the shooter may raise his/her firearm and engage targets in their lane. The shooter MAY NOT touch the trigger of the firearm until the firearm’s muzzle is off the table and pointed down-range. If the trigger is touched prior to this, the shooter will be scratched for that lane’s course of fire. Once the shooter has completed his/her lane of fire, the safety must be re-engaged and the firearm placed on the table with the muzzle pointed down range.
When all shooters have completed their lane of fire, the command will be given to “make your firearm safe, muzzle up, safety on, move down one lane.” All shooters must remain in their shooting lane/firing point until this command is given by the range officer. The range officer will repeat this until all ten (10) lanes have been shot and the course of fire is complete. (See scoring below)
When the shooter’s last lane has been fired, the shooter will be commanded to “clear and flag your firearm and remain in your lane.”  At this time all shooters will remain in their last lane of fire, have their flagged firearm verified as such by the range officer or other safety officer, and wait until the command to “clear the range” is given.  
Any Shooters on the firing line that are not shooting must leave their firearm on a lane table in a safe and secure condition as described above until called to the line and commanded to “make your firearm ready.”
 Any pistol or revolver of .38 Special caliber or smaller is permitted.  .22 caliber rim fire rifles are also permitted. 
However, no magnums of any caliber are permitted.

Firearm Classifications:

A pistol, revolver, or rifle with an electrical or enhanced optical device, i.e. scope, red dot etc., or aftermarket ported barrels and compensators.*

A pistol, revolver, or rifle with factory sights to include fiber optic sights. Trigger enhancements are permitted in this classification.*
*Any questions about, or challenges to a classification will be settled by the Range Officer whose decision is final.

Shooter Brackets: (combined time for eight (8) fastest lanes – see scoring below)

Open Rifle                                        Stock Rifle

High Master
19.00 under          High Master 20.00 under

19.01 – 22.00                      Master 20.01 – 23.00

22.01 – 28.00                     Expert 23.01 – 29.00

28.01 – 40.00       Sharpshooter 29.01 – 41.00

40.01 – 56.00              Marksman 41.01 – 57.00

56.01 Above                          Novice 57.01 Above


Rim Fire Open Pistol                           Rim Fire Stock Pistol

High Master 22.00 under                        High Master 26.00 under

22.01 – 25.00                                 Master 26.01 – 29.00

25.01 – 31.00                                   Expert 29.01 - 35.00

31.01 – 43.00                     Sharpshooter 35.01 – 47.00

43.01 - 59.00                            Marksman 47.01 – 63.00

59.01 Above                                      Novice 63.01 Above


Center Fire Open Pistol                       Center Fire Stock Pistol

High Master 23.00 under                            High Master 27.00 under

23.01 – 26.00                                     Master 27.01 – 30.00

26.01 – 32.00                                       Expert 30.01 – 36.00

32.01- 44.00                           Sharpshooter 36.01 – 48.00

44.01 – 60.00                              Marksman 48.01 – 64.00

60.01 Above                                          Novice 64.01 Above


 Center Fire Revolver Open                    Center Fire Revolver Stock

High Master 28.00 under                                High Master 30.00 under

28.01 – 31.00                                         Master 30.01 – 33.00

31.01 – 37.00                                          Expert 33.01 – 39.00

37.01 – 49.00                           Sharpshooter 39.01 – 51.00

49.01 – 65.00                                 Marksman 51.01 – 67.00

65.01 Above                                             Novice 67.01 Above


Rim Fire Revolver Open                       Rim Fire Revolver Stock

High Master 27.00 under                                 High Master 28.00 under

27.01 – 30.00                                         Master 28.01 – 31.00

30.01 – 36.00                                         Expert 31.01 – 37.00

36.01 – 48.00                           Sharpshooter 37.01 – 49.00

48.01 – 64.00                                Marksman 49.01 – 65.00

64.01 Above                                            Novice 65.01 Above


The scoring is based on ten (10) lanes with five (5) targets each for a total of fifty (50) targets. Each target must be hit at least once to be scorable.
The shooter’s eight (8) fastest times out of the ten (10) lanes shot are added together for a bracket time. (See shooter brackets above)
Targets are 12” x 12” steel and numbered 1 - 4 with an additional 12”round stop target for a total of five (5) targets.
All targets must be shot in numerical order followed by the round stop target. The timer will not stop until the round stop target is hit.
  If the shooter shoots any target out of numerical order, the lane of fire is considered a scratch with a thirty (30) second penalty assessed. However, if the shooter shoots a target out of numerical order but is able to go back to the correct sequence, shooting all targets in the correct order before the round stop target is hit, the time will stand. 
Each missed target is assessed a two (2) second penalty which is added to the total lane time. Lane time will not stop until the round stop target is hit.
Each lane must have a minimum of five (5) rounds fired to count as an attempt, or a no- attempt will be assessed and the lane of fire will be a scratch with a thirty (30) second penalty added.
If the shooter fires all the ammunition in his/her firearm and has not hit all targets in his/her lane, the shooter may reload and continue firing until the stop target is hit. If the shooter is unable to reload, the lane will be counted as a scratch with a thirty (30) second penalty assessed to the lane time.
**Range Officer will address any challenges to scoring rules and his/her decision will be final.

Firearm Malfunction:
Shooters who experience a firearm malfunction are encouraged to clear the stoppage on their own while adhering to all safety rules. However, if unable to clear the stoppage within two (2) lanes of fire, the shooter must leave the range. The shooter may replace the firearm with a like firearm and continue the course. (A like firearm is the same classification firearm described above)  If a shooter leaves the firing line to repair the firearm, the shooter must resume the course where the shooter’s malfunction occurred or forfeit the course of fire.

Youth Classification:
Any individual age 9 – 17. There is no charge for shooters ages 9-12. Shooters 18 years old or younger must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
(No exceptions) 
The rules for youth shooters and brackets are the same as above in all respects.


"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."  Joshua 24:15

​MMSSA's Rules and Brackets