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Metal Madness

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​Grand Rivers Shooting Range LLC is owned & operated by Ed & Teresa White

​Grand Rivers Shooting Range LLC prides itself in a clean and SAFE Christian environment for the entire family

​Grand Rivers Shooting Range LLC are the  inventers of  Metal Madness

​ Metal Madness has grown into a family fun speed competition that improves every shooters skills no matter how long the shooter has been shooting

Metal Madness will improve the shooters hand eye coordination, sight picture acquirement

Metal Madness has matches the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month all year long ​​

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MMSSA offers 3 affordable Metal Madness Range Packages

​​Metal Madness ​is designed to provide a shooting experience for all ages.

Our 50 numbered steel target system is unique in many ways. There are no special equipment needed to shoot our Metal Madness. Almost any handgun 38 Special or smaller or 22 rifle can be used to shoot Metal Madness matches.  We have 6 scoring brackets and 12 firearm classes. There is no waiting on firearm classes, No running or jumping required, Our bracket scoring allows all ages to shoot in the same course of fire with any qualified firearm.

Metal Madness only requires 40 feet by 80 feet to install.

Metal Madness is low cost, Generate revenue in days, Youth Programs​​

​Click on the MMSSA Rules & Brackets tab in the side menu for all the bracket times rules of the game along with the firearm classes.

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​Click on the Kentucky Afield icon to connect to their YouTube page, watch for a upcoming July 8th at 7:30 EST on KET 29  at Grand Rivers Shooting Range video about Metal Madness

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​Join MMSSA and receive a bracket bullet on a chain also shoot as many courses of fire desired the first Metal Madness match for their membership fee of $25.00 a year. The only way  to get a bracket bullet is to win them.

Metal Madness Target shooting at Grand Rivers Shooting Range

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5 lanes 20" targets on chains 2014 when we started Meta Madness

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