"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."  Joshua 24:15


​Grand Rivers Shooting Range is located 3 mile north of Interstate 24 Exit 31 on Kentucky Highway 453 ( Dover Road ) on the west side of highway. Our address is 787 Dover Road Grand Rivers Kentucky, 42045 

We have 15 shooting stalls that include two 25 yard rifle lanes (we do restrict rifles larger than 22 caliber to the 1st and 2nd lanes on the North end of the shooting house). Lanes 1 through 5 are for paper targets that are provided by Grand Rivers Shooting Range. We have walk-ways to the 7 yard , 15 yard, 20 yard and 25 yard for our stand up movable paper target frames.  Most any caliber handgun or rifle in the designated lanes can be shot at the paper targets.​ 

​Grand Rivers Shooting Range is proud to be the founders and developers along with our members of  Metal Madness (Wall of Steel). Our design patent pending steel target range system is a Christian based family oriented steel target speed competition with a bracket ranking system so every shooter can shoot and compete with shooters of their skill set. Our gun requirements allow almost anyone to compete without any special required firearms. Our free lunch for everyone policy and low cost entry fees allows an entire family to spend the day together without breaking the bank. Grand Rivers Shooting Range has Metal Madness practice  targets on the range everyday for our members to keep tuned up and ready for our Metal Madness matches held on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. Go to the MMSSA Rules and Bracket page on this web-site for all the rules, firearm requirements and bracket time break-downs.

​Grand Rivers Shooting Range offers Kentucky and Missouri Conceal Carry Deadly Weapons certification classes both on site and off site when required to meet a groups needs. Our CCDW instructors have more that 50 combined years of experience in Military and Law Enforcement Training. We are Kentucky Department of Justice certified, State of Missouri certified, USCCA certified, NRA certified as well as more than 46 combined years of Special Forces service in the U.S. Army. 

​Grand Rivers Shooting Range also offers Advanced Self Defense Training. See the Advanced Training link on our Services page.

​Grand Rivers Shooing Range provides training for the Livingston County Kentucky Sheriff's Office.

Grand Rivers Shooting Range offers Single Season Passes for $65.00 per year, and Family Season Passes (for up to 4 family members) for $200.00 per year.

Grand Rivers Shooting Range

787 Dover Road

Grand Rivers, Kentucky 42045

270-349-1070  email ed@gr-sr.com    


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MMSSA ​LLC,​ ​Is Offering a Ground  Floor Opportunity To The Right People

Become a Metal Madness Shooting Sports Range.  

​According to an article by John Parker Managing Editor of Shooting Sports USA 


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