​Steel Target Shooting 



We founded MMSSA LLC, ( Metal Madness Shooting Sports Association ) to expand our Metal Madness range system to other shooting venues and ranges across the country.

Metal Madness is designed to be affordable for everyone to experience the instant gratification of the ringing steel targets no matter their age. MMSSA LLC has incorporated a built in fun factor with the challenge of shooting, fellowship and food. Metal Madness allows entire families the opportunity to spend the day shooting together without breaking the bank.

MMSSA LLC is looking for the right people to become part of the a fresh new twist on steel target shooting. Metal Madness range system will increase traffic to existing ranges or is affordable enough to start a new range with a fast growing shooter base.

MMSSA LLC, is proud of our YMMSS (Youth Metal Madness Shooting Sports) each year we have a league of 9 to 18 year old competitors join us for our 5 week youth league. 

 Metal Madness offers Three Range packages that fits into anyone's budget. Our Patent Pending Target Systems very from the basic package to complete with everything needed to start shooting  Medal Madness Matches at your in days:

1. Basic Package Includes:

A. Range MMSSA Membership

B. Shooting House Blueprints

C. Target Frame Blueprints

D. Steel Target and Hanger Specifications  

E. MMSSA Website Support / Score Posting  

​(Range owners supply all materials and labor to install the basic package)

2. Steel Target Package Includes:

​A. Range MMSSA Membership

B. Shooting House Blueprints

C. Target Frame Blueprints

​D. 50- Steel Targets

E. 100- Target hangers

​F. MMSSA Website Support / Score Posting

​3. Complete Metal Madness Range Package:

A. Shooting house
​B. Intercom Systems
​C. Timers
D. Targets and Hangers
​E. Protected Area
​F. Computers and Scoring Programs
G. MMSSA support with rules
​H. MMSSA support with start up ​​
​I. Advertisement from MMSSA
J. Web Page Posting 

For more information visit our mmssa.netwebsite
or call 270-349-1070 or email ed@gr-sr.com 




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