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"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."  Joshua 24:15

​Steel Target Shooting 


​Become a Metal Madness Range Member

​Add Metal Madness to your range,

​1. Increase range traffic, Membership and Revenue

​2. Introduce 1st time of all ages shooters to shooting sport

​3. Low cost to install and maintain

​4. No wait time for firearm classes

​5. No special firearms or equipment required

​6. Youth team shooting program

Metal Madness

7. Metal Madness range system only requires 40' x 80' of real estate  

Metal Madness offers Three Range Packages 

that fits into anyone's budget Our
Patent Pending Target Systems very from the basic package to complete with everything needed to start shooting  Medal Madness Matches at your in days:

1. Basic Package Includes:

A. Range MMSSA Membership

B. Shooting House Blueprints

C. Target Frame Blueprints

D. Steel Target and Hanger Specifications  

E. MMSSA Website Support / Score Posting  

​(Range owners supply all materials and labor to install the basic package)

2. Steel Target Package Includes:

​A. Range MMSSA Membership

B. Shooting House Blueprints

C. Target Frame Blueprints

​D. 50- Steel Targets

E. 100- Target hangers

​F. MMSSA Website Support / Score Posting

​3. Complete Metal Madness Range Package:

A. Shooting house
​B. Intercom Systems
​C. Timers
D. Targets and Hangers
​E. Protected Area
​F. Computers and Scoring Programs
G. MMSSA support with rules
​H. MMSSA support with start up ​​
​I. Advertisement from MMSSA
J. Web Page Posting 

(MMSSA Range Members include a recruiter payback program)

For more information contact us on our contact page

or call 270-349-1070 or email 

​Metal Madness

 is one of if not the only shooting competitions in the world that is designed around the entire family.

Metal Madness

does not require special firearms to compete, a 38 Special or smaller handgun or 22 LR semiauto rifle is all that is needed to shoot GRSR's Metal Madness.

Metal Madness

6 bracket system allows each shooter no matter their age to shoot side by side like no other shooting sport.

Metal Madness

​design patent pending target system has more than 5000 combinations of target arrangements so that each match has a different and  unique target view.


Metal Madness

​in the past 1 1/2 years has had a average of 3 new shooters to each of our Metal Madness matches. This  has lead to more than 400 1st time shooter introduced to the shooting sport, we have a 99% return rate because of the fun factor and family atmosphere, each of our matches has an average of 24 shooters that will shoot a total of 55 courses of fire.  

Metal Madness 

has formed a association called MMSSA.


is governed by a board of 15 shooting members with 9 voting members and 6 non-voting members for technical advisement. The board sets rules and  bracket times.

MMSSA has two types of membership: shooting membership and range membership.