No renewal dues until 2017, Shoot at Grand Rivers Shooting Range for the membership fee the 1st GRSR's Metal Madness match as many courses of fire as desired

​Is Now Offering For Sale complete range packages for our designed patent pending range systems to new or existing ranges

  • GRSR's Metal Madness is low cost to install

  • GRSR's Metal Madness is ready to shoot in days

  • GRSR's Metal Madness is supported by GRSRMMA a 9 voting member association made up of shooters that have been apart of GRSR's Metal Madness from the beginning .

  • ​GRSR's Metal Madness will increase the range traffic and generate income the 1st GRSR's Metal Madness match.

  • ​GRSR's Metal Madness comes complete with everything needed to get started: Shooting House, Intercom system, Timers, Score Keeping Programs, Web Page support, GRSRMMA support, 50 mile protected area  

  • ​For more information contact us on how to get started  

GRSR'S Metal Madness 

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  • Home of GRSR's Metal Madnessclick here for schedule

Grand Rivers Shooting Range

787 Dover Road

Grand Rivers, Kentucky 42045

(270) 349-1070 or

​Grand Rivers Shooting Range is owned & operated by Ed & Teresa White

​Grand Rivers Shooting Range prides itself in a clean and SAFE Christian environment for the entire family

​Grand Rivers Shooting Range are the  inventers of GRSR's Metal Madness

​GRSR's Metal Madness has grown into a family fun speed competition that improves every shooters skills no matter how long the shooter has been shooting

GRSR's Metal Madness will improve the shooters hand eye coordination, sight picture acquirement

GRSR's Metal Madness has matches the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month all year long ​​

​GRSR's Metal Madness Video

More videos can be found on our videospage, and also on our YouTube page.

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